• Aleya Harris

Top Stats to Reach Your Wedding Clients on Social Media

As you make your marketing plan to get more wedding clients, don’t forget how you will use social media to reach out to soon-to-be-married couples. What do you need to know to run a successful social media marketing plan? There are many stats that you should know to help you stay ahead of the pack in the wedding planning, events or catering world. Keeping on top of the wedding industry trends, demographics and your buyer persona will not only help you gain more clients but also help you make long-lasting connections with the clients you do have.


Some of the top stats in the wedding industry include how couples use social media, what they want out of the wedding and how they want to plan it. 

Allow me to share with you the top stats you need to know to reach your wedding clients on social media. 

About 83% of brides research potential vendors through social media before hiring them 

Also, 80 percent of wedding planning is done online. If you are a catering, events or wedding business, these stats are essential to be aware of. This is a huge indicator that more women are online looking for a place to help them plan their special day.

So what does this mean? In your marketing efforts, be sure to include social media for one and secondly look for ways to connect with soon-to-be brides. Make yourself friendly and approachable and be sure to answer any questions that come your way honestly and professionally. Highlight services that may be important to a bride and also offers some planning tips through your blog or social media pages. 

The median ages for women and men to get married for the first time is the same age group that consumes some form of social media. 

The median age for brides is 29 while the median age for men is 31. This shows wedding planners and caterers that people aren’t getting married as young as they used to, but this also corresponds with another demographic: the demographics of social media and smartphone users. About 88% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 use some form of social media, with about 78 percent of adults 30 and above using Facebook and about 40 percent using Instagram.

How do these stats relate to wedding planners, events businesses and caterers? Simply put, it shows that you need to have a social media presence and your social media profiles should be inviting and engaging. If you want to gain more wedding clients, be accessible through social media. For many people, it’s easier to pop on social media than jump a desktop and/or laptop. Also, show that you are social media-friendly. Offer many if not all of your services through social media, such as booking, messaging, payment, etc. 

The median age for brides to get married for the first time is in the same group of those who own smartphones.  

Did you know 39% of engaged couples plan their wedding on their mobile devices? Wedding, events and catering businesses should know this to understand that being a mobile-friendly business is a must. Everything a couple can do on a website, they should be able to just as easily do on a smartphone. Including this feature, is a good way to bring in clients who want to be able to plan on the go or without having to pull out their laptop or computer to make plans.

About 40% of all weddings take place during October, September, and June. 

These are important months to take note of because wedding planning will be amped up leading up to these months. Each season the months vary but these are pretty much the most popular months. As a wedding planning, catering or events business, take note of your social media plan during these months and how you can connect with potential clients during this period. 

About 17 percent of couples are interracial. 

What does this stat mean for wedding planners, events businesses and caterers? It means social media marketing should include ways to showcase different cultures. A big part of interracial relationships is making sure both partners can express their background and culture, in everyday life and at their wedding. When reaching out to potential clients on social media be sure to show couples that you have a lot to offer culturally. Even if you don’t exactly have cultural services, make accommodations to help an interracial couple feel at ease. 

The average cost a couple spends on a wedding is $35,329, nearly the same amount of debt people married for the first time have in student and other loans. 

Weddings are costly. Most couples know that, but it’s a delicate balance to have a dream wedding and stay within budget. About 86 percent of couples who were married in the last year started their marriage in debt. Combined with student loan debt and other debts accrued along the ways such as credit cards and car payments, young engaged couples are more than likely worried about money.

As a wedding planner or caterer, what you should take away from this is that couples want to cut down on wedding costs. Having this stat in your pocket is a good opportunity to show clients you care about not just giving them a good service but you do care about saving them money. Incorporate ways to save money in your social media marketing plan. Post about how you low prices or you give incentives to customers that can put money back in their pockets. 

Millennials and Gen Zers value different things in a wedding planner which will require different social media marketing strategies for both. 

Each couple has unique tastes for how they want their wedding to play out but stats show that these two different generations have some main differences in how they way to share their video. Gen Zers want more privacy on their wedding day while millennials are open to sharing their big moment on social media. As a wedding planner or events business, it’s important to know this to understand how you want to market your services. When connecting with millennials, offer ways you can help them share pictures and videos of their wedding on social media. For Gen Zers, you probably won’t make social media sharing a focus when marketing to them. 

Wedding planner/wedding planning is one of the top search terms on Google. People ages 18-44 are most likely to use Google as a search engine, the same age group that includes those married for the first time and those getting remarried. 

Does it matter if you know what the top search term is for soon-to-be-married couples? It absolutely does. Knowing the top search terms will help you focus your social media on certain keywords and phrases. Where are these couples searching? More than likely Google. Google is more likely to be used by a younger, tech-savvy demographic. Keep this stat in your back pocket if you want to drive traffic to your website. Also, be sure to use wedding planning or wedding planner as a hashtag when your posting on Instagram or Twitter for optimal engagement. 

Pinterest is the top platform for weddings and 34% of users are between the ages of 18-49, an age group that includes those who are married for the first time. 

Soon-to-be married couples utilize Pinterest for ideas and inspiration on how they want their wedding to be. With that said, wedding planners, events and catering businesses should utilize Pinterest too. Post some photos of some other wedding you serviced to catch the attention of engaged couples or post stunning photos with links to your website. Create a presence on Pinterest to connect with potential wedding clients. 

The age group that takes cell phone calls the most is the same age group of those getting married for the first time.

As you communicate with clients you need to understand the best way to reach them. People ages 18-29 don’t necessarily text as much as they talk on the cell phone. This tells wedding planners, events businesses and caterers that if you want to reach your clients, calling them on their cell phone might be the best option. You can have an option for them to text you ﹘ texting isn’t dead ﹘ but don’t hesitate to call your clients. As potential clients browse your social media channels and website, make it easy for them to find a number to call. Use call to actions like “Call Today!” or “Call Us! We’re here to help.”

I hope these stats gave you a better understanding of the wedding industry trend that will help you better your social media strategy. If you have questions about your target audience, check out my comprehensive guide to learning how to find more about who your customers are.