• Aleya Harris

Top Food and Event Hashtags for 2020

There are millions of videos and social media posts on the same topics. So how do you make sure eyes fall on your specific post? Hashtags. Hashtags are how things are categorized on social media, but they are crucial for increasing the reach of your posts along with engagement. They are usually written in one word with no spaces, and the hashtag symbol (also known as the pound sign) is put after the word. They can be put anywhere in your social media post – beginning, middle or end – but you don’t want to just put any hashtag in your post or video description.

Hashtags need to relate to your content and make sense. With that said, there’s a bit of science behind using hashtags. Fortunately, with a little research, you can find out how to effectively utilize them. The year 2020 is a new century. A lot of the hashtags of 2019 will still be relevant, but you still want to be fresh as the new year approaches.

In 2020, food, catering and events businesses should use the top hashtags that relate to their industry. They should be simple yet specific to ensure your audience knows exactly what your post is about and if it’s what they’re looking for. Stay current on trends and try to incorporate hashtags generating the most buzz. 

Sometimes finding the perfect hashtags for your posts can be tricky. Allow me to share with you why using hashtags are important to add to your posts, some of the top hashtags the food, events, and catering businesses can use and how you can choose hashtags that relate to your audience and buyer person. 

Why use hashtags

You may have asked yourself if adding hashtags to your posts is even necessary. I’m here to tell you it is. Regardless of what you may have heard, hashtags will boost your posts and they do work if you use them effectively. Here are some of the reasons why you should use hashtags in your posts. 

1. Increased reach 

In a sea of social media sites and posts, it’s easy for your content to get lost in the shuffle. Hashtags are essential for getting more views because they help people find your posts. For example, if you’re posting about the best meals for Thanksgiving, using hashtags like #thanksgivingfood will allow anyone looking for information on that topic to find related posts, including yours. 

2. Increased followers

Piggybacking off increasing reach, if a new visitor comes across your post, they might give you a follow if they want to stay connected to your content. That’s why the more eyes are on your posts, the more likely you’ll gain new followers. In the long run, those followers can become potential customers. 

3. Increased Brand Awareness

Using popular and trendy hashtags is key but did you know you can use a brand hashtag to promote your business? A brand hashtag tag is specific to your business. It can include your businesses’ name or relate to a specific campaign you’re running. A good example is Frito Lay’s #DoUsAFlavor campaign. The branded hashtag doesn’t have the company’s name in it, but it does relate to the campaign in which Lays asked customers to help them choose the names of its next flavors. The key is that people know that it relates to your business. Brand hashtags can help you engage the community and build awareness. Once people begin to share your hashtag, your audience has the chance to grow as well. 

4. Increased Connections

Since hashtags are a great tool for finding specific posts, you can use hashtags to find and connect with other businesses in your field. Reach out and connect with those businesses or customers who are discussing the same things as you. This a great way to build your network and create a community.  

How to choose hashtags 

Choosing the right hashtags is important. Even if a hashtag is trendy or popular, it still may not be the right fit for you and your brand. When looking for the best hashtags for your business, refer to your buyer persona to find the answer. If you’re a food or events business, using generic hashtags like #food or #events will bring in viewers who are looking for posts related to that subject, but if you want engagement from a specific target audience, have your hashtags speak directly to them.

For example, your buyer persona might be women and men ages 30-45 who work the day shift and need places to eat lunch within a 30-minute window. Instead of using hashtags like #lunch or #lunchbreak, try using #quickeats or #lunchonthego. As an events business, maybe a large part of your audience is working women with small children. Working a 9-5 doesn’t leave much time for planning for events like birthday parties. To target this audience, use hashtags to let them know you’ll be handling all the details, so they don’t have to.

A new year is on the horizon. Allow me to share with you the best hashtags to use for 2020 in the food and events world. 

Hashtags for food businesses and caterers: 


This one’s simple but it’s popular. More than 127 million Instagram posts have used the tag. A foodie is not just someone who likes to eat food but makes it more of a hobby. They’re always looking for the next big to wow their taste buds. So, if you’re a food or catering business looking show off your unique menu or latest meal addition, then using this hashtag is a safe bet. As 2020 rolls around, use this tag in your posts as the new year begins. It’s been used in the past, but foodies aren’t going away anytime soon. 


This hashtag is perfect if you’re posting on Instagram. It’s specific to the platform but it’s a good one to use if you’ve got good photos of your menu creations to share. Instagram is growing exponentially and is becoming a more utilized platform. As 2020 rolls around, that growth will continue to happen. There will be a lot of food lovers on Instagram, new and upcoming, so utilize this tag next year to market to this social audience. 


Another great hashtag for photos. Over 42 million posts were tagged with this hashtag this year, making it a sure win for 2020.


This is a top hashtag for restaurants and caterers. It’s not a flashy hashtag, but it includes the audience of food lovers and those looking to expand their palette. The new year is an opportune time for food enthusiasts to find new eats. 

Top hashtags for event businesses and planners: 


If you’re running an events business, consider yourself a professional in the field. This is a tag that won’t be dying anytime soon, so it will still be relevant in 2020. Eventprofs is a top hashtag to set your businesses apart from the crowd. This is a great one for caterers, suppliers, event planners or any business who experts at getting people the tools they need to host a successful event. 


This is one of the top hashtags to use on Facebook and Twitter, and it also ranks fairly high on Instagram posts as well. Event planning businesses will do well to utilize this hashtag. It’s more than likely one of the first hashtags people will explore when looking up event services. Considering it’s a new century, 2020 is sure to bring in many types of recurring and new events. 


It’s a simple hashtag, but it’s one of the most popular ones. Most people looking for someone to help plan out their next event will more than likely be looking up this hashtag. With more events on the horizon in 2020, having this hashtag in your posts will open you up to those looking for an extra boost to making the perfect event happen.


When wedding season hits, these hashtags are a must, especially if you’re trying to market to this specific audience or garner more business in this area. These words are equal in their ranking so you can choose which one to use or use both. These are timeless tags, so try to utilize them in 2020. 

I hope this is a good guide to get you started on finding the best hashtags for your food, catering or events business in 2020! While these are good for just about any post in these industries, I would also encourage you to choose hashtags that are specific to what you want your social media messages to be. Look up different food trends for 2020 and market to audiences looking for more info about these trends. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box with more unique hashtags or ones of your own! If you’d like to learn more social media strategies to take your business to the next level, check out my free Social Media Handbook.