• Aleya Harris

The Power of Facebook Video for Your Catering & Events Business

According to SproutSocial, there are over 200 million posts on social media with the #food tag and #drinks has 23 million. What does that tell you? The food and beverage industry is booming with people who have an interest in this content. How does this relate to video? According to WordStream, "45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week."

These statistics lead us to determine what types of Facebook video works to connect with clients for catering and events businesses. Ultimately, opening up lines of communication with your target audience, including Q&A and interview sessions, as well as tutorials, is the best.

How do I use it? I also like to incorporate behind-the-scenes videos, events, and customer testimonials to increase engagement. In this guide, we’re going to discuss the power of Facebook video, as well as how and why Facebook live and Facebook stories for wedding planners and caterers are beneficial.

Why Video Is Powerful

Because 64% of consumers are purchasing after watching videos, it's no mystery there's a lot of power behind them. Therefore, I suggest ensuring your videos are optimized for mobile. That way, the video for the catering business isn't missing any members of your target audience.

The beauty of a catering video you post on Facebook is it doesn't have to be professional. You can use your smartphone or any other digital device. So, if you're on-the-go during an event and see an opportunity for a video, show it to your audience!

Facebook video is an excellent way of getting your catering business noticed while simultaneously saving you time. Let’s look at four more reasons why video is powerful:

It Builds Trust

Everyone working in the food and beverage industry wants to build trust, and video for a catering business can help achieve that. Video is an excellent way of showing people fascinating and useful information without "selling" to them. Not only does it engage them, but video ignites their emotions.

Use Facebook videos to help foster trust by using conversational videos. When you use this approach, 57% of customers watching these videos will feel more confident in selecting your services.

You’ll Rank Higher on Google

When potential customers are spending more time watching Facebook videos, that means your brand is getting more exposure. Yes, that also means Google is paying attention. If you post these videos on your website, that builds trust signals with Google.

Did you know, if you have a video embedded on your website, you're 53 times more likely to show up on Google's top rankings? That's a powerful increase compared to using other forms of content marketing!

Mobile Users Love Video

Social media videos for events business and mobile are synonymous with each other. Because 90% of your target audience is watching videos on their mobile, you can't ignore this opportunity. The main reason is that mobile users love watching videos while they're on-the-go.

That means the use of mobile video users will continue to grow. Tapping into this opportunity now also means you have a higher chance of meeting your target audience on a personal level. Your brand can give your target audience better choices regarding the videos they're choosing to watch.

You’ll Get More Social Shares

There are tons of opportunities to share videos on Facebook using the "share" features, as well as through tagging. However, brands must be aware of why their target audience chooses to make this decision. Did you know that 76% of users will share a branded video is they think it's entertaining?

So, my advice to you is to create social media videos for your events business that's fun and entertaining that encourages social shares. Even though emotions don't have ROI, you'll see an increase in site traffic when social shares occur. So, that's where you'll find the positive results.

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Types of Facebook Video

Now, you’re probably wondering what kind of video to share on Facebook—like, which videos will get the most shares? That’s a great question! Here are videos that receive the most engagement on Facebook:

Behind-the-Scenes or Events:

Take your target audience behind-the-scenes at one of your locations or during an event. That way, they have a bird's eye view of how your staff is working, what happens during an event, or how your business operates at a particular location.

How-To Tutorial:

Is there a particular main dish or dessert that's everyone's favorite on your menu? Consider creating a how-to video tutorial video outlining the recipe, tools, and how to make it from beginning to end. You could also create a tutorial for how to set a formal dining table, including napkin folding techniques.

Customer Testimonials:

Because 65% of people feeling an emotional connection with a brand believe that a brand cares about them, sharing customer testimonial videos proves you care about helping and understand their pain points. Contact some individuals in your customer base and ask if they would like to participate.

How & Why to Use Facebook Live

Now, this leads us to using Facebook live videos in our marketing strategies. I know this sounds intimidating because you can’t pause and edit. Don’t worry, once you “go live” a few times, you’ll become a natural!

Using Facebook live is as easy as clicking the “What’s on your mind” dialog box and scrolling through the options. You’ll see a little red video camera and next to it reads, “go live.” When you tap that, you’ll see your video camera open up. It won’t go live until you hit record.

Facebook live video is an excellent tool when you want to engage directly with your target audience in real-time. Here are examples of why I use Facebook live:

Q&A Sessions:

Here’s an excellent opportunity to engage directly with your target audience during an “ask me anything” session. Members of your list can ask you anything about your business, as well as the services you’re currently offering during this session.


During these sessions, you can either have another participant interviewing you while your list watches and asks additional questions or your list can ask the questions. This format is much like a Q&A, but it’s more structured. You can also opt to interview someone who works with you within your brand.


I already mentioned using tutorials in the previous section, but you can take it a step further in a live video. The main reason is that, when you’re live, your target audience can ask you specific questions throughout the process. If they’re not sure why you’re using a particular tool, method, or ingredient, you can dive deeper into the explanation. That adds more value to the video when it’s shared later.

Don’t forget to create an event each time you plan to go live. That way, your list knows when to expect to see you, what the topic is going to be about, and how to prepare. The event also allows your list an opportunity to share it with their friends and invite other participants to attend.

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How & Why to Use Facebook Stories

You may not realize this, but Facebook stories are growing in popularity. Since 2016, their creation and consumption have grown to 842 percent, and there's no stop in sight. It’s an excellent way for your brand to share authentic content in real-time.

And, because Facebook stories disappear in 24-hours, it creates a sense of urgency with your target audience-that fear of missing out. Right now, there isn't an option for creating ads on Facebook stories. However, that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities to optimize this content to your brand's benefit. Once you open the Facebook app on your mobile device, bring up your page, open the menu, and hit "Create Story," you're ready to develop a slideshow or short video.

Optimizing this content means you can add effects, animations, 3D drawings, emojis, stickers, and drawings. Be sure you're not loading your stories down with too many of these tool options; otherwise they'll look amateur. Then, your content is ready to share as a story.

Why should you create stories? Facebook stories for wedding planners and caters are an excellent way of sharing time-sensitive content. Use these stories to:

  • Make announcements about your brand that are available for a limited time

  • Let your target audience see what happens when you're planning an event

  • Reward potential clients who are paying attention to your page

  • Share discount codes for current specials or other deals

Remember, each time you share incredible time-sensitive content, your target audience, and potential customers will be hanging onto your every word!

Now that you know about the power of Facebook live for your catering and events business, I can’t wait to see the different kinds of content you create for your business page and groups.

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