• Aleya Harris

How to Use Instagram Video to Promote Your F&B Business

While Instagram may be the youngest of the primary social networks being used for digital marketing, it is in no way the weakest of them. In fact, it might just be the one social media site that is used the most. The reason for this is the platform’s focus on visuals. People are attracted and more likely to follow an account if they like the content they post.

While simply uploading photos to your Instagram profile used to be enough, it has now become the standard that businesses and popular accounts also maintain a collection of video content for their followers to view. But why video?

As a food and beverage business owner you can utilize the various Instagram video components to help connect with your potential clients in an attempt to sway them into using your catering service or visiting your restaurant. The three main types of video content available on Instagram are Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV. While each video component differs slightly, they all have the same major takeaways. Video content can be used to build trust with customers as well as give them a behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day operations of your business. In the end, it’s all about producing content that will help promote lead generation and form lasting relationships for years to come.

In the blog post, we’ll be diving deeper into why you should take advantage of Instagram’s video components to help promote your F&B Business. But before we hone in on Instagram, let’s discuss why video content is so powerful in the world of digital marketing.

Why Video Is Powerful

As you continue working toward digital marketing domination, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking, “Why is video content so important to my business’ success?” You and your team have probably already crafted tens or even hundreds of blog posts and other written pieces surrounding your restaurant or catering service. And while that’s great and helps get the job done, there’s no denying that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of blog posts that are sent out into the world and go relatively unnoticed.

This is where video content comes in. Actionable videos are helping to grab the attention of potential leads by giving them something to look at and relate to without losing your audience in the shuffle of a drawn-out written post.

And video marketing is predicted to have rapid growth over just the next few years. To help keep you ahead of the curve, here are three reasons video content is here to stay and just might be the future of every marketing campaign:

1. Video Content Builds Trust

Without forming a relationship or establishing trust with you and your company, a deal will never become agreed upon. Part of any face-to-face deal is looking at the buyer or seller in the eye and establishing a connection. All of this cannot be done with an online purchase. That is until you start utilizing video.

Using video content to engage and reach out to your potential clients helps your customers get a sense of who you are and whether or not they can trust your business to accomplish their needs.

2. Google Loves Videos

The header says it all! Google can appreciate a website where people spend more than a few minutes grazing their content. To help keep people on your restaurant’s website, video is the way to go. Embed your content on your landing page so that viewers have no choice but to stop and sit through your content.

This can help search engines such as Google to determine that your website has good and valuable information for your visitors. In the process, this will improve your chances of getting a higher position on search result pages.

3. Video Produces Great Returns on Investments (ROI)

While video content might not be the cheapest marketing tool out there, it’s certainly paying off in the long-run. In fact, 83 percent of businesses report that video provides a good return on investment.

Videos no longer have to be produced with a large studio camera, instead, the lens of an iPhone is enough to make a video that means business. Shortcuts such as the type of equipment or editing software used to produce your video can have a major influence on your ROI.

Now that you know some of the reasons video is such a powerful tool for digital marketing and the overall success of your F&B business, let’s switch our attention to Instagram and its revolutionary take on video.

Types of Instagram Video (Live, stories, IGTV)

Instagram offers a variety of outlets to upload and present video content to your followers. Each has its unique perks that can help expand your business opportunities. In addition to posting video content to your profile as a traditional Instagram post, there are three Instagram video options that offer more exposure to your business page. They are:

1. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is like the Twitch of the social mediascape. By the I mean it allows you to instantly connect with your followers in real-time. Share moments in your work life as they happen.

2. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are similar to Snapchat and Facebook story-based content in that they allow you as the user to upload content that appears for just 24 hours before disappearing entirely. The app allows you to add additional stickers and widgets to enhance the content while providing engagement opportunities.


Seeing a need for longer-form video content on their app, Instagram released IGTV. Depending on your user status you have the option to upload up to an hour of fresh and original content. It’s like Youtube, but on Instagram.

How & Why to Use Instagram Stories

Starting a video for Instagram Stories is relatively easy to do. All you need to do is open up the Instagram app and click on your profile photo with the words “Your Story” underneath. From here you have three options, upload traditional content such as a brief video or photo, go live, or upload a Boomerang, which is a time-lapse-like video make up from a burst of photos.

Instagram Stories allows you to not only control who views your stories but also who can message you and reply to your stories.

As a whole, Instagram Stories offer up a more humanizing look into your business. Things can be a bit less perfect and more real than the content you produce on your news feed. And because of this, your followers will begin to develop more trust with your brand.

Instagram stories allow just 15 seconds of video per slide, so it’s important to make every second count.

As a food and beverage business, you’ll want to find a unique approach to Stories that help promote your food as well as your business and brand. One way you can do this is to take people on a journey through a popular dish. By this I mean showcase the anatomy of your meals through an almost step-by-step process. Show off your preparation from the first ingredient to final plating.

Another way to use Stories’ brief video length to your advantage is by making unique commercials. No need to shell out hundreds, if not thousands for a tv spot, when you can shoot brief commercials for mere pennies. Find creative ways to detail the who, what, when, where, and why so that all your followers are in the know.

How & Why to Use Instagram Live

As mentioned earlier, you can access live streaming options by clicking on the “Your Story” icon on the left-hand side of your Instagram app. During a live stream, there are some important settings and features that you’ll want to know. At any point during your live stream, you can view the number of current viewers as well as users who have joined your live broadcast. You can even begin engaging with these users in real-time by replying to comments. This can help play a part in knowing whether or not your viewers are engaged with what you’re showing them.

When considering what kinds of content to broadcast live, take into consideration that unless you opt to upload your live content to your story, it will disappear as soon as you end the broadcast. Instagram Live works well for content that you don’t mind streaming to your followers, but don’t necessarily want to keep for the long-term.

Instagram Live is the perfect place to make big announcements about your business. For example, are you planning on hosting a special event at your restaurant, or are you announcing a new season menu? If so, make this knowledge exclusive to those watching your broadcasts before announcing it to the public.

Another way to use Instagram Live to entice new customers is to make them jealous. Pick a busy night for your business to stream from the bar or restaurant and chat up willing guests. This is a great way to incorporate the traditional customer testimonial in a new and unique way.

How & Why to Use IGTV

In June 2018, Instagram took its latest venture into video content with the introduction of IGTV. This special feature within the app was released in correlation with achieving 1 billion Instagram users

Instagram began to realize that a mere minute of video time wasn’t enough for most users. On IGTV verified users can upload up to an hour of original content for all the world to stream, whereas non-verified users can comfortably upload 10 minutes of content. These longer videos are not only visible in the Instagram app, but also a new IGTV app. Before uploading your first bit of content, you’ll need to create a channel for your business. Once your channel is live, you can begin adding content.

One way to take advantage of IGTV’s longer video lengths is that you can reuse old content and upload it for an entirely new audience. This will help cut down on your original content until you have time to get creative, but more importantly, it will expand your reach and offer your services and delicious foods to more people. More people equals more potential new clients.

Thanks to cooking shows broadcast on channels like the Food Network, people love to watch other people cook. Showing off your own chefs in digital cooking lessons or cooking shows can be a fun way to use IGTV and keep your followers engaged. Give your followers a peep behind the curtain into how some of your best dishes are made. This can act as a two-fold benefit, as it not only engages the viewer with the content they enjoy, but it also helps build a connection by using your own staff members in the production, allowing clients to put a name and face to the restaurant.

Now that you’ve mastered how to use all of Instagram’s video options to help grow your business, the job isn’t quite done. In fact, if you’re hoping to branch out into every major social media platform, you’ve still got a long way to go. It can seem like an endless task, but I’ve got something that I think might help you out along the way. Check out this free Social Media Handbook. This is your go-to document for all things social media including which metrics are important to follow and keywords to know before taking the social media world by storm.

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