• Aleya Harris

How to Create F&B YouTube Content That Gets Noticed

As you begin to build and develop your social media strategy, you might find yourself feeling as though you’re producing content and sending it out into the void. You’re left to wonder, “Is anyone actually taking notice of my hard work?” One sure-fire way to know whether or not your content is having an impact is to take note of your followers. Are those magical numbers increase exponentially or are they flatlining leaving your business growth dead on arrival?

Today we’ll be tackling the original video content you produce and upload to YouTube. Because video content is much more easily accepted by potential clients, you’ll want to ensure that no matter what you create, it will help get you noticed.

To help get your videos’ contents on the radar of as many new leads and potential clients as possible, you’ll want to begin catering to your content to match the needs and wants of your buyer personas. This pairing can quickly help to make sure that you’re producing content that your intended audience is actually willing to sit through. You’ll also want to buckle down on the type of YouTube channel and video types that you want to focus on. And because you’re a food and beverage business professional, it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to be an expert videographer. Instead, make sure that you let your career expertise show.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Create Videos for Your Buyer Persona

Video is considered by most marketers to be the fastest-growing type of marketing content and it’s easy to see why. Many claim it to be the medium with the biggest Return on Investment (ROI). And the key to these ROIs? Buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a business’ ideal customer that a business creates with the knowledge of both existing data and marketing research. These personas help you as a business owner determine and predict your customers’ wants and needs. With the help of a buyer persona, you can better understand the interests and what they’re looking for. For example, you may be able to determine what kinds of food your customer likes as a means of developing a catering menu that is fit for their special day.

Buyer personas can also help you to determine where your target audience spends their time. If they frequent Mexican restaurants, your personas should reflect that.

But why are buyer personas important for video creation? According to Cisco, videos will make up over 80 percent of all Internet traffic. This is huge for businesses in the food and restaurant business as they try to identify and target new customers to help expand their reach. Most businesses on average have 4-5 buyer personas and try to use at least 2-3 of them when focusing on video production.

Using buyer personas to help shape your content can help you to build a more relevant story. Knowing how to not only tell a story, but tell one that is relevant to your customers can be half the battle, but when you succeed, it can help to establish trust with your viewers and humanize you and your company in a way that will help to sway your audience in your direction.

You may even use buyer personas to help create a character that your viewers can relate to. If they see themselves in the shoes of your character, they can formulate trust that you are the best business for the job. If Bob is looking for a new restaurant that has inexpensive happy hour specials, this may be a characteristic trait of your video’s lead that you’ll want to put on display in your script.

Choose Your Channel Type

One of the first questions you’ll want to ask yourself after setting up your YouTube account is what type of channel are you looking to create and build upon? When signing up for a new YouTube channel, the site allows you to choose one of the six channel types. They are Youtuber, Director, Musician, Comedian, Guru, and Reporter. Let’s explore each of these channel types in more detail.

Youtuber - This is the default channel type for most average users. This is the type of channel where you’d likely upload videos of your family vacations and other types of home videos.

Director - This channel type is more for those looking to create longer videos that showcase their original works. Copyright becomes a more important part in these channels, as you must agree that everything, including audio and music, is original and can be used without violations.

Musician - Are you a performing musician that likes to share live performances online? Then this is the account for you!

Comedian - This type of account is used by stand-up comedians to promote their routines and attract new crowds for upcoming events.

Guru - Guru accounts are where experts in their appropriate fields can educate and create learning opportunities for viewers to pick up a new hobby or discover new interests.

Reporter - This channel type is dedicated to those wanting to create news-oriented of varying lengths.

When it comes to food and beverage businesses, the Youtuber and Guru channel types are the most reliable ones for your marketing goals. These channel types allow you to not just show off the expertise of your trade, but can also allow you to create behind the scenes videos showcasing your staff and other aspects of your day-to-day business.

Types of Videos

In preparation for your first video, one of the things you’ll want to consider is what video type are you going to create. Depending on the type of video you upload to your account, you can shape the foundation of what you and your brand represent in video and what subscribers can expect in the future. Below you’ll find a list of some starter video types that will allow you to best showcase your restaurant or catering service.

1. Tour of your kitchen

Customers love to know all the behind-the-scenes scoop on their favorite restaurants and late-night hotspots. This is the perfect video type to give your audience insight into what a normal night of dinner service looks like or what goes into catering an event from the kitchen’s perspective. These videos can also include unique approaches such as incorporating staff interviews or blurbs from customers in real-time.

2. Customer testimonials

When it comes to recommendations for new places to eat, there’s nothing people love more than hearing reviews from past customers, both good and bad. This is your opportunity to let others show off your food and menu in their own words.

3. How-to videos and tutorials

In most cases, people are looking at Youtube channels to receive some sort of tangible takeaway. That might take on the form of learning something new or discovering how to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. These types of videos are perfect for restauranteurs and catering businesses because they easily allow you to answer your audience’s needs through step-by-step processes such as how to make a copycat recipe at home or how to decorate for a big event on a budget.

Be the Helpful Expert

Because you’re a business owner working with food and catering services, it makes sense that you’ve got your own arsenal of skills and tips of the trade. This is something you’ll want to showcase in your video content. But there’s a good and bad way to show off your expertise in and out of the kitchen.

When engaging with your subscribers, make every engagement a learning opportunity. Don’t belittle your followers for not knowing something that is common knowledge for most food business owners. People learn something new every day, so why not make it your mission to be their teacher. How-to videos and tutorials are your best bet when trying to teach new skills such as knife skills, kitchen equipment, and cooking tips and tricks.

You Don’t Need to be A Pro Videographer

Because you’ve already put in a large amount of work to help get your video creation started, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a master videographer to get the job done. That is to say that there are plenty of ways to produce a high-quality YouTube video using just your smartphone.

Below you’ll find some great tips to consider when using your smartphone to help film content for your YouTube channel.

  • To avoid plaguing your video with “shaky-hand syndrome, consider using a tripod to help stem your video and allow your story to take center stage.

  • Film more content than what you think is needed. This can ensure that you have everything you need for your video. Try shooting the same footage from multiple angles. You can always edit down your video length, but you can’t recreate precious moments that you might have missed.

  • Use a good microphone to make sure your audio interviews are crystal clear. There’s a wide variety of microphones that can plug into your smartphone and record audio on the go that is better than what your phone could record on its own.

  • If using a smartphone, make sure to film your content in landscape mode. This will help alleviate some of the stress of reframing and cropping your content. Plus YouTube is naturally supportive of landscape videos.

Consistency is Everything

To help improve your video views and keep your current and would-be customers engaged, you need to make sure you maintain some consistency in your Youtube content. This is especially important when first taking your first steps into video creation. Not only do you want to be consistent in the types of video content, but when you’re posting your content.

Try creating a content schedule to help keep you accountable to posting regularly. For example, you may consider uploading behind-the-scenes content on Mondays and Wednesdays, while focusing your attention on producing tutorials and cooking segments for Fridays.

How to Convert Subscribers to Clients

Not every video uploaded to YouTube is meant to convert subscribers into customers, so that’s why it’s important to take the necessary actions to help create new leads for your services.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to insert a call-to-action into both your video and your description boxes. These can be something as small as visiting your website or reading a blog post about your restaurant.

Another technique is to create a playlist of your videos to help new followers gain insight into who you are and what your business is all about. After a few videos or so, users might be more likely to convert and check out your restaurant.

When trying to convert followers, make sure you’re focusing on specific goals that you’ve set for yourself. In most cases, this will be to help showcase how your products or services can act as a solution to your customers’ problems. Guide your subscribers through the marketing funnel without them even realizing it.

Are you still scratching your head at trying to determine your target audience for your video content or unsure of how to craft the perfect buyer persona? If so then I’ve got a freebie you’re sure to love. Check out this one-stop buyer persona guide. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn more about buyer personas and why they’re important for your F&B business. You’ll also better understand what to include in each persona you create and questions to ask yourself when doing so. There’s even an example persona to help get your creative juices flowing. What are you waiting for? Download your guide today and have a room full of buyer personas in a matter of minutes!

Now that you know how to create video content for YouTube that will easily get noticed, you’re well on your way to increase your subscribers and ultimately transforming them into clients that will enjoy your restaurant or food business for years to come.

Lights! Camera! Action!