• Aleya Harris

How to Become a Customer Magnet

Are you communicating your value to your target audience consistently? If not, is it because you don't know how? Becoming a customer magnet involves being strategic about how you're approaching your target audience at the top of the marketing funnel.

It isn’t uncommon for food and beverage business owners to wonder how to attract more customers. They may also be wondering how to add more customers to their mailing list. Both are great questions! When you want to attract more customers and grow your email list, it starts with having an enticing and irresistible lead magnet. Once you know what your customers want, your list will grow!

In the following sections, I’m going to share tips for email list building and how to create a lead magnet. Those insights will not only help you become a customer magnet but also show you how to continue sharing the content your target audience wants. Let’s get to work!

Email List Building

Data from Statista indicates that, by 2022, over 347 billion emails will be sent and received. So, there’s no mystery behind the value of email marketing and the importance of list building. I’m going to share my industry expert knowledge regarding email list building to help you become a customer magnet.

Offering Value to Create Volume

If people believe you're providing valuable and relevant content in exchange for their information, they'll sign up for your email list.

Before beginning, you must develop a lead magnet that solves their problem, answers a question, or soothes their pain point another way. In exchange for this content, new subscribers will supply their email address and first name.

Are you unsure of what to offer for your lead magnet topic? Here are some brainstorming strategies I use:

  • Think about things from your ideal client's point-of-view. Brainstorm each of their pain points. Examples could range from determining how to handle multi-course fine dining to working with large groups with gluten and nut allergies.

  • Develop a comprehensive list of what your client needs to understand, believe, or be aware of before securing your services.

  • Can you match any of the items from your first list to the second? If you can, that's an ideal topic for a lead magnet.

Sharing is Caring

Each time your subscribers spread the word about your business or even your lead magnet, the better it is for everyone.


Those who are receiving the lead magnet are benefitting from the content, you're gaining more email subscribers, and there's more opportunity for conversions in your marketing funnel.

If your current subscribers feel your content is engaging, useful, and relevant, they'll want to share it with others. Under most circumstances, their friends and family are also your ideal customers. So, ultimately, tapping into those marketing channels makes sense. Therefore, add a "refer a friend" or social share buttons to your thank you page. That way, sharing can occur seamlessly.

Nurture Those Leads

If you're not nurturing those leads, your list will dwindle as quickly as it grew. So, my suggestion is to keep nurturing it weekly with fresh content.

When you're consistently delivering new content, you'll achieve the following:

  • You'll be increasing the "know, like, trust" factor while building relationships

  • Hearing from you won't be an inconvenience, so your audience will be more willing to receive service announcements and upsells in the future

  • You're showing your audience you're serious, reliable, and ready to deliver meaningful content every week

Lead Magnet Overview

It's a challenge keeping a target audience's attention with the influx of content readily available on the Internet today. That's where I love using lead magnets. We’ve been discussing lead magnets as part of email list building. Now, let’s talk about what that is, precisely.

A lead magnet is an irresistible offer you're making available in exchange for your target audience's email address. You may also ask for other valuable marketing information, including your target audience’s name, zip code, and phone number.

The reason it has the title "lead magnet" has nothing to do with magnets, but everything to do with that it's used for attracting leads. When you use a lead magnet, it’s one of the best ways to attract more customers and grow your email list.

How to Create Your Lead Magnet

According to Campaign Monitor, "Email marketing is king of all digital marketing channels, with ROIs as high as 4400%." It's no wonder I love adding it to my marketing strategy so much! Now, let's talk about how email marketing and lead magnets work together.

When your ideal customer travels down the marketing funnel, you’re enticing them with a lead magnet. Okay, we’ve gotten that far. Now, let’s talk about how to make one.

Creating a great lead magnet means you're solving a problem for your ideal customer. I know that sounds simple, but that's ultimately what you're doing.

1. Determine Your Ideal Customer

Just like any other stage of the marketing funnel, you must know your ideal customer avatar. During this phase, you're determining who they are, they're needs, how your services will help them, and what content you can provide that they desperately need.

2. How does my service help my audience achieve what they're trying to accomplish?

Here's where you're determining the sweet spot where what your business is offering overlaps with what your audience wants. Remember, your ideal clients want a solution to their problem, instead of another product or service. So, your goal is to find a solution for them.

3. How can I solve their problems?

The last thing any food or beverage business wants to do is share everything in a free lead magnet. Otherwise, you'll have a difficult time selling your products or services. Instead, identify the first step toward solving their problem. For example, break their problem up into several steps. Then, create content zeroing in on one or more solutions. Then, they can turn to your business to solve the problem.

5 Lead Magnet Ideas for Hospitality Business Owners

Before creating your lead magnet, remember the following points:

  • Your lead magnet must be available to your target audience immediately

  • Every lead magnet must address your target audience's pain points

  • If it isn't quick and easy to digest, they won't find it valuable or relevant

  • Lead magnets are an excellent opportunity to show your expertise

1: Checklists

Checklists are popular lead magnets because, in addition to being versatile, you can create them for any verticle in the food and beverage industry. For example, if your target audience needs help planning a corporate event, your lead magnet could focus on a checklist for what they need, a timeline, a guest list, supplies, and so on.

2: Expert Ebook

Do you have industry expert knowledge you would like to share? If so, an ebook is an excellent way of presenting this content. Ebooks are also a unique way of addressing your target audience's how-to questions. Consider offering this content in a "booklet" format. That way, your target audience will come back for more information later.

3: How-to Video Tutorial

Is there a specialty dish your clients ask about during events or on social media a lot? If so, consider creating a how-to tutorial video lead magnet showcasing this dish, the ingredients you use, specialty tools you use, and how it's made. Then, talk about what other recipes on your menu it pairs well with and show highlight pictures of those dishes at the end.

4: All-in-One Toolkit

The events and hospitality industry is booming with people who are looking for "things they need" or "ways to get started." Create a lead magnet focusing on the tools and essentials they need to succeed at solving their problem, move forward, and how your business can help them reach their next level.

5: Customizable Planner

Here's an excellent opportunity to help your target audience, especially if you're targeting brides or other events, stay organized. You could include calendar pages, templates, and other tools as a way of bringing in new leads. You can offer a "blank" planner for your target audience to fill in, or one that features beautiful customizations that you add.

Now that you know how to become a customer magnet, it’s time to create a lead magnet containing the content your target audience can’t resist. I’m looking forward to seeing how your lead magnets boost your food and beverage business to the next level.

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