• Aleya Harris

Engaging Your Wedding Clients Online

You have a strong commitment to your wedding planning business. Your entrepreneurial spirit shows with every event you plan. Attention to detail shines, and you love working with your existing clients. Despite these efforts, you’re still feeling frustrated over your lack of bookings.

No matter how long you work as a wedding planner, the question of attracting more leads remains. Your passion and dedication don't automatically convert into business leads. However, you can turn to social media to book weddings.

Learning what it takes to make it in the wedding planning industry takes time and consistent effort. That means, when you want to figure out wedding planner marketing, it's time to embrace new strategies. I'm going to teach you ways to get more wedding clients online and how social media for wedding planners will lead to more bookings.

Getting to Know Your Brides

If you don't know who your bride is, then it's challenging to figure out what she wants or how to deliver the results she needs. Therefore, it's time to create a customer avatar. During this process, I like to consider the following questions:

  • What does the bride do for a living?

  • Where is the bride from, and what is her age?

  • Why is she considering my wedding event planning services?

  • What behaviors are driving her decisions?

  • What is her budget?

  • Are my services covering all her needs or some?

Creating this avatar will help you identify with what the bride is looking for, trends she relates with, and understand where to source the perfect items for her event. This avatar also helps you humanize your potential client. In doing so, it's easier to promote your brand and get more wedding clients online.

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Clients Buy from Who They Know, Like, and Trust

I love using social media as a way of showing my potential clients my brand is trustworthy. I suggest setting up an Instagram and Facebook profile when you want to use social media to book weddings. Then, develop these pages professionally with:

  • High-quality images that are featuring previous events, where you're sourcing materials, and so on.

  • A clear image of your logo as your profile picture on both platforms (continuity is critical).

  • On Facebook, create a cover image featuring your logo and headline similar to your website design.

  • Call-to-action link back to your website where brides and grooms can book your services.

On average, couples spend $1,800 on wedding planning services. Remember, if your clients like you, they'll opt for your services.

So, social media is an excellent opportunity to let your personality shine. Don't be afraid to use humor and entertain your audience as a means of building trust. There should be no denying the fact that you're passionate about your business and love being a wedding planner.

Pro Tip: Write and schedule your social media posts ahead of time. That way, you can create high-quality posts consistently.

Engaging Conversation on Social Media

One of the things that I love the most about social media is the opportunities there are for nurturing relationships with current and potential clients. Your followers can:

  • Ask questions--to you or among each other

  • Build loyalty

  • Exchange ideas

  • Generate excitement

Here's where I often see mistakes occur. Many brands often forget about the communities they’re building on social media. I can't emphasize enough the significance of engaging in the conversations happening on social media.

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The Power of Video

Wedding planning is a visual business. Did you know that 76% of customers purchase a product or service after watching a video?

Not only do couples want to see your services before booking them, often they want a 360-view of your offerings. That involves embracing the power of video on your social media platforms.

Draw your current and potential client’s attention using captivating captions. That way, they know what the video is about and why they should click. The content you include in these captions is also an excellent opportunity to generate conversations, better serve your followers, and achieve higher rankings.

Writing Captions on Videos

Keep your social media captions short and to the point. Remember that your audience wants to watch a video and not read a blog post. So, my suggestion is to keep it to a short paragraph.

Don't forget to include your call-to-action (CTA). Fill in a few short details about why they should click the call-to-action. Then, include several topic-specific hashtags. That way, your wedding planning business is easy to find.

Keeping Your Audience’s Attention

The last thing you want is for your current or potential clients to scroll by or click away from your videos. Here are some of my suggestions:

Make sure the video is clear

If the video is clear, your audience is going to click away immediately. Make sure there's nothing blurry, no mumbling, and no music cutting in or out. If you’re showing a video of an event, use the best clips possible.

Prepare ahead of time

Your videos will be more engaging if it's concise and to the point. For example, if you're presenting information about your wedding planning business, write a script to eliminate rambling.

Embrace the Art of Storytelling

If you're telling a good story, your audience isn't going to click away. Emotionally-charged content is engaging, effortless to remember, and is relatable. Let your audience make connections using this method in your videos.

Pro Tip: Use Facebook Live to answer questions about your wedding planning business. Host sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Use your page’s event calendar to keep your followers up-to-date about when they’ll happen.

Grow Your List to Deepen the Relationship

Growing your brand authentically takes work because, in addition to reaching new leads, you want engagement. When your goal is to use social media to book weddings, followers matter, and they mean trust. The main reason is that people have a stronger inclination to follow accounts with a higher follower count.

Here are my suggestions for growing your list:

Promote your profiles on every channel you own

What do I mean by a channel you own? These are every area of the web you have complete control over, including your:

  • Blog

  • Email list

  • Website

Make sure your profiles are complete and enticing

Your potential followers will click on your profile or Facebook page if it:

  • Includes a professional profile picture, has a custom header, and looks like a "real" profile (not a bot).

  • Has helpful information about your wedding planning business that tells them what you do and how it can help them.

  • Includes content in the feed that's relevant, meets their needs, answers questions, or shows them your offers.

Hashtag as many posts as possible

When your posts have hashtags, this allows your existing and potential followers to find your content with one click. For example, if they see a post they like about sourcing bouquets, they can click the relevant hashtag to see more posts about that topic. Then, decide if they want to follow you or not.

Embrace the power of paid ads

The visibility of your profile and its content will rise when you use paid advertisements for your wedding planning business. For example, Facebook's ad program will target users when they input information into their profiles. Then, you can create follower campaigns.

The best part of using ads is the opportunity to include a call-to-action that leads your current and potential clients to your landing page. That's where they have the chance to take advantage of your lead magnet or book your services.

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Learning about social media for wedding planners involves thinking outside the box and moving away from traditional marketing strategies. Previously, you may have used cold-calling and sharing business cards as the backbone of your marketing. I can’t wait to see how your wedding planning business grows when you implement the tips here.

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