• Aleya Harris

Creating Facebook Content That Gets Noticed

Marketing today is all about staying in front of your target audience. That's particularly true if you're working in the food industry where, previously, word-of-mouth referrals were the backbone of the business. Now, we’re using social media to reach and convert our potential clients.

When you’re trying to figure out how to write more captions to get more followers on Facebook, that involves several strategies. You will write captions for the buyer persona, be a helpful expert, use pictures, hashtags, and video, and learn what to say during Facebook live. Timing and consistency are everything when you write captions to get more clients.

I love the opportunities Facebook has to offer regarding maximizing your reach and, ultimately, converting clients. As your potential clients travel through your marketing funnel, the first thing you’ll address is who they are by developing a buyer persona. Let’s dive into what that is first.

Write Captions for Your Buyer Persona

Getting as specific as possible regarding your target audience means defining your buyer persona. In this day and age of digital communication, your potential client is craving personalization. Your potential client's buyer persona is a fictional representation of how you'll meet their needs in a perfect situation. In other words, the ideal food industry client.

During this strategy, you're tapping into content that speaks to different members of your audience. For example, think about the audience you're targeting on Facebook. They're not going to be following the "meme culture" you find on Instagram or Twitter.

Instead, you'll be writing captions that engage directly with your buyer persona group. Here are my suggestions:

  • Research who your current clients are: Collect data regarding your existing client base. This data includes their activities, age, buying behavior, income, interests, language, life stage, location, and so on.

  • What story does your analytics tell? You'll receive an incredible amount of demographic information and how people are interacting with your business using the analytic tools on social media and your website.

I use this information for crafting marketing messages that speak directly to real clients. Avoid using corporate-speak or "canned" messages. No one likes hearing buzzwords because they have no meaning. Your content should do one of the following:

  • answer a question

  • help your potential client achieve a goal

  • solve a problem

Be the Helpful Expert

Learning how to write captions to get more clients is tricky, especially when you don't want to sound like a salesperson. The key to engagement on Facebook is focusing on value. Your goal is to combine education with entertainment. What I mean by that is creating content that teaches your potential clients something useful, in which you have the expertise, and do so in an enjoyable way.

Keeping your clients and their preference in mind is a powerful method for ensuring your posts receive engagement and convert. You're the best at telling the story of your business, your award-winning dishes, and where you're catering. Therefore, you can answer questions, offer insight, and help your followers develop a connection with you as a helpful expert.

For example, if you want to book more weddings through Facebook, tell stories about your experiences working with other clients in the past. How did you meet their needs? What problems were the clients facing, and how did you solve them? I try not to exhaust my followers with posts with endless ask for their attention, money, or time. Instead, my strategy is to sprinkle in content that is about helping them.

Using Pictures, Video, and Hashtags

Creating a visual brand is more than making sure that your pictures and videos are high-quality. Facebook is a visual platform. Users want content that inspires their emotions. If you inspire positive emotions, you'll achieve compelling Facebook engagement.

You can achieve this goal by posting images and videos that embrace visual storytelling. Draw your audience in by tempting their senses, making them crave your recipes, and enticing them with your presentations.

I love the fantastic suite of creative tools available on this platform. When you create Facebook posts to get more clients, you’ll find:

  • Backgrounds

  • Drawing tools

  • Effects

  • Links

  • Stickers

  • Text

  • User tags

Using hashtags will supercharge how your business shows up in searches, and your clients engage with you. For example, if you’re promoting a picture of one of your latest menu offerings with a hashtag, those who share it will use the same hashtag.

What to Say in a Facebook Live

You'll improve your reach by six times when going live. However, before the live session begins, your best strategy is to write captions to get more clients. I like to give my broadcast a description because, as Facebook followers scroll, they'll see that on their newsfeed.

I suggest writing an attention-grabbing caption to encourage your followers to click. Your caption should also help them understand what they're about to watch. But, the question is, what do you say?

It may seem logical to use this time to show your viewers new food items or go live during an event. However, I suggest using what’s been working well during other Facebook Live sessions—Q&A sessions where your audience can ask you questions.

These are excellent opportunities for your potential clients to ask you questions about:

  • Your current business offerings

  • If you’re running any promotions

  • What’s new on your menu

  • How your company caters weddings or events

  • What geographic areas you serve

  • Other businesses you work with

Make sure you’re interacting with your viewers and commenting. Encourage them to interact with your live video by speaking with your audience directly. If you see comments after the live broadcast, make sure you respond to those as soon as possible.

Timing and Consistency Are Everything

If posts happen when your viewers aren't online, then it feels like you're screaming into the darkness. Timing is everything because, when your audience is online, it increases your content's visibility.

The best way to figure out timing is to analyze your business page's performance data. Then, pinpoint where you see patterns where interactions increase. For example, if you see your engagement rising at 5:00 pm on Thursdays and Sundays, I suggest you schedule posts during those times.

Consistency is also a factor regarding keeping your content in front of your audience. I don't mean post the same kind of content consistently. What I mean by consistency is posting on a schedule. If you skip posts for weeks at a time, your audience is going to forget your food business exists.

How to Convert Followers to Clients

Getting more followers, likes, and shares are all excellent strategies for boosting your online reputation and adding value to your food business. However, as part of your marketing funnel, you must add converting them. Otherwise, these strategies are for naught. Here's what I suggest:

Identify Your Target Client

The first thing I do is develop a clear picture of my target client. I do this by developing customer personas as a guide for effective communication strategies with my prospective clients.

Your messages must make sense, so it's meeting the need of your ideal client. Why? That's the best way of increasing your chances of reaching your followers and, over time, converting them into clients.

Use Active and Consistent Engagement

No matter if you have three hundred or three thousand followers, you must stay as active as possible with them. My strategy for this is consistency. When you're posting actively and consistently on Facebook, then it's easier to engage.

For example, if you're updating once per week, that's not enough if you want to turn your followers into clients. Your followers will have a more authentic experience if you're active daily.

Remember, it's not always about how much you’re posting. Think about how often you're replying to comments also. Respond to direct messages as immediately, too. That way, you're followers are more likely to become clients.

Leverage User-Generated Client

When a favorite brand uses its content, 25% of customers stated they bought that product after seeing that post acknowledging a customer. So, I suggest asking your potential clients to share their experiences.

Your client's previous experiences could help turn more of your followers into clients. That's because 76% of customers find user-generated content more trustworthy and honest than other advertisements.

So, I can't stress enough the significance of engaging your users. That way, they're talking about your brand, food services, and their experiences. In doing so, it will improve your client acquisition.

Invest in Paid Facebook Advertising

Investing in paid Facebook advertising is something I suggest for building a significant hyper-targeted following. These ads will not only increase your reach and engagements but also improve your conversions.

I love using paid ads to get more clients from Facebook because the platform targets them for you. How? Users voluntarily enter information into their profiles. So, you can develop a lead magnet that meets their needs, answers a question, or solves their problem.

Creating engaging content on Facebook that gets your food industry business noticed involves specific strategies. Now that you know them, I can’t wait to see how you put them into action!

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